Derby16 Rules

Rules 1

All pigeons should wear an official ring from Federation or Association of the year 2019.

Rules 2

We are going to start to collect on 1st March till 30th of April.

Rules 3

The pigeons have to be between 25 to 40 days old.

Rules 4

We will give back the pigeons if its not enough strong or unhealthy.

Rules 5

For lost,sick or injured pigeons can be give pigeon on next year without extra cost.

Rules 6

Ace pigeon will calculate accourding Benzing system.

Rules 7

We will sell the pigeons on our website by auction.The owner of the pigeon will get %50 from selling price if the owner gave pedigrees before the auctions, otherwise the owner will get %30.

Rules 8

We will vaccinate to all pigeons agains Paramyxovirus and Pox when we recieved the pigeons.

Rules 9

The 1 pigeon fee is 80.Euro,and 5+1 fee is 400 Euro. and 30.Euro per pigeon transport from Europe.( 15.Euro from Bulgaria.) The pigeons fee have to paid when arrived to loft or at the colection points.

Rules 10

The prizes are calculated accourding to 1200 pigeons,the prizes will be proportionally if the number of pigeons is reduced or increase. The final prizes will publish till 20th of June accourding to number pigeons.

Rules 11

Our loft capacity is 1700 pigeons for year of 2019,

Rules 12

Pigeons will be flown to perches and all the pigeons will have aqual chances on the races.

Rules 13

The pedigrees have to sent before then final race.

Our loft will be %100 transparent,the all information will be instantly by website.

-We will collect the pigeons from Europe on the following days:

*In March: 1st.( Houten fair)

*In April: 1st-30th


-The training will start on 20th of June •10 Km. - 20 Km. - 40 km. - 40 Km.-40km. - 50 Km. - 50 km. -70 km-70km.

The race and trainings date can be change accourding to weather conditions.

• 1. Race - 135 km - Poyra.

• 2. Race - 175 km - Eskişehir.

• 3. Race - 225 km - Kaymaz.

• 4. Semi Final - 260 km - Sivrihisar.

• 5. FINAL Race - 450 km -Akpınar 28th of July 2019.

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